One of the great pleasures of the gaming hobby for me is reading about various settings or game worlds if you will. Two of my favorites are 7th Sea and Fading Suns. These are rich works with a complex and fascinating background. Ironically, I’ve read far more about them then I’ve actually played or run adventures in them. Still, they are most entertaining as well as inspirational. In light of that, I would like to explore the idea of creating my own world.

I will start by giving a name: The Kingdom of Andalheim. It has a nice southern germanic ring to it. My fathers side of the family immigrated from Austria and Bavaria during the 19th Century so this has a nice feel to it. The name means “Home of the Andals”. Now I really haven’t figured out who exactly the Andals were but more than likely they were the original tribe that settled in this location.Speaking of location, we now come to a very basic determination. When and where is Andalheim located? It’s from this basic decision that many others will flow.

We’ll begin with the when. I’ve always enjoyed the worlds of Space:1889 and Castle Falkenstein. I am by avocation as well as education a historian. 19th century European history has always fascinated me. I’m not really sure what I like could be described as “Steampunk” or Victorian Science Fiction (VSF) and yes there is in my mind a difference between the two. Let’s fix the when as anywhere between 1880 and 1910. This gives us a thirty year range or so in which to draw inspiration from. For those who prefer a specific year, let us say 1895. That is the midpoint year in our epoch. This gives an anchor in which we can envision the basics of the culture of the Kingdom of Andalheim.

In the next entry, we will examine the all important question of “Where in the world is the Kingdom of Andalheim?”