Well, as you can see, I’ve already changed the name of the Kingdom. It now means Eagle’s Home. It is a reference to the Roman Legion that once occupied the area. (Legio XXVII). In the early history of the Kingdom, many of the Legionaires settled here. Married and had families that became part of the warband that dominated the area. Now where exactly is that area?

There is a term that I ran across years ago: “The soft edges of the map”. It was in reference to one of the most well known of the mythical kingdoms, Ruritania. What this means is that while there are references to real world places i.e. south of Mainz to give an example, you would not find it on a map. In fact the only map that needs to exist is the one inside the imagination of the players. I know…I know there’s all of these maps of Middle Earth. But remember Middle Earth was created as a completely unique world. Adlerheim exsists within a much larger “real world” setting.  Think of Adlerheim as a movie or a stage set on which the Characters will play out their parts and you will get the idea of what I’m talking about.

Speaking of Characters and such, the next time we’ll look at who lives there.