I like gaming. All kinds of gaming. Roleplaying Games, Historical Miniatures, and Boardgames. I like them all. It’s been a fun hobby for me since I was twelve years old. My first gaming module was published in the 1980’s. It was “The Black Madonna” and was written for Game Designers Workshop’s Twilight:2000 game line. I also authored or co-authored material for Cyberpunk 2020 and Vampire: The Masquerade. I stopped writing back in 1991 for personal reasons. I continued to run and play games but never seemed to have the emotional energy to write any more scenarios.

Several years ago, I broke out of whatever kind of funk I was in and seriously considered taking up writing again. I was really looking forward to cranking out some more gaming material then a funny thing happened. I found that I couldn’t do it. It’s not that I couldn’t tell stories. It’s jus that I found the whole game mechanics thing to be too restrictive. I tried several times but I felt like I was being chained down.

I know a lot of people that write for the gaming industry. Their work is superb and I have any number of examples of it on my bookshelves. The imagination and creativity that has gone into these books is just incredible. I admire them for being able to put this stuff out. It is very good. I wish at times that I could do it but apparently I can’t anymore. Perhaps I will someday.

Recently, I have begun writing again. I really enjoy my time at the keyboard now. I am telling stories that I want tell in the way I wish to tell them. I have even found a way to possibly use them as gaming material. Well, time to move forward.