It’s been a while since I last posted  here. As a lot of you know, I changed residences. I moved from north Tampa (Suitcase City) to Clearwater. I had been living in the same spot over in Tampa for over 25 years. For all of you over the years that came and visited me know that it was in fact the Ghetto, the Hood, or whatever else you call a place where the desperately poor live out their lives. It’s where I lived out a lot of mine.

It wasn’t always like that. When I first moved in back around 1980 or so, it was mostly college students and blue collar families. Oh, and it was also kind of rural. But as time went on, alot of low income housing was built. Drug trafficking reared its ugly head and things started going to shit. Still, I hung on. The Hood changed and not for the better. The number of hispanics increased. Decent, good natured, hard working folks who were just trying to make a living. Unfortunately, along with these good folks came some bad ones who preyed on them. A little over a year ago, I saw the first gang tag on the wooden fence across the street from where I lived. But more than that, I was getting older. I had to undergo radiation therapy for prostate cancer which left me weakened for a while. All in all, it was time to move.I was fortunate to get a lead on a really nice place next to the Clearwater Mall. I made the decision and on May 4th the movers came and…well…moved me.

It’s a whole new world over here. I suspect that at the age of 62 I’m one of the youngest people in my building. It’s quiet. Sometimes even a little too quiet. No street noise. No sirens. No loud domestic disturbances. Just quiet. I really don’t miss all of that but I do miss the sound of kids playing. To hear children playing is to me the sound of life itself…yea that I do miss.