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May the Fourth Be With You…that’s the word for today. Today, of course, is Star Wars Day. Looking through my bookshelves, I’ve found my collection of Star Wars RPG books from WOTC. It brought back a lot of good memories.

First of all, it was the only D20 System game that I really liked and found easy to run. I have the original DnD Third Edition books and the Oriental Adventures book as well. I found the system a little too crunchy for my tastes. Oddly enough, I didn’t have the same problem with the SWRPG regardless of the version. (I currently have the Saga Edition). I also have the Dark Side Sourcebook (1st Ed.), Power of the Jedi (2nd Ed.), Alien Anthology(1st Ed.) and Scavengers Guide to Droids (Saga Edition). I had others as well but over the years they’ve either been sold or given away.

My favorite period for gaming Star Wars is the Republic Expansion Period which is roughly 5000 years BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin). On the cusp of the Great Hyperspace War.  It’s a wild and wooly galaxy out there. I especially like the way the Jedi are portrayed. They are a lot more “cowboy” if you will then they are in later periods. I also like the idea of the Light Sabres having to use a belt mounted power pack. Makes some of those manuevers really tricksy to pull off.

My basic campaign setting was the Wilds with Player Characters (PC’s) as members of the Republican Scout Service whose job it was to explore and chart worlds out towards the rim.  They were also tasked with the monitoring of a Corporate War that was flaring up between the Streinveldt Mining  Corporation and the Atelkine Technical Consortium. On top of all of this adventure, the Sith make their move even in the out of the way places like the Wilds. Alas, I was never able to get a group together to play it.

When I look back on this material and on Star Wars in general, I can definitely see “Firefly” as it’s spiritual descendant. Oh, and yes, I have a copy of the Firefly RPG as well. But that is a post for another time.