It is the Spring of 1904. Tired of what it sees as “insufferable American arrogance”, the Prussian Empire has decided to go to war against the US. In order to demonstrate their technological superiority, the Prussians  are planning a daring strike with the goal of kidnapping President Theodore Roosevelt! They will transport a crack team of Luftsturmkommandoes (Air Assault Troops) in their new, top secret weapon…the Kampfzeppelin to make the strike. The unit will be led by Major Erich Luddendorf and Lieutenant Wilhelm “Willy” Rohr.  The goal is not only to kidnap the President of the United States but to also show that America and other Western Nations are no match for Prussian technical superiority and fighting ability.

The above scenario actually combines three of my favorite things. Miniatures gaming, war movies, and Steampunk. The two movies that inspired me in this venture were “The Eagle Has Landed” and “Zeppelin”. I will more than likely be using Pinnacle Entertainments, “Savage Worlds: Showdown” for the rules. It should be a fun ride.

I hope to have it ready in a few months. I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress.