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Recently, with the tragic events in California, more attention has been paid to the ongoing issue of women’s rights. In the geek community, this translates into a even more ramping up of the ongoing debate/argument/discussion about women and their role and their reception in geekdom. There have been numerous articles and essays about such topics as sexual harassment at conventions, how well women customers are treated in retail establishments i.e. comic shops and of course in various forms of gaming.
Now the gaming that I’m most familiar with is tabletop role-playing games. I’ve been around the RPG scene for a long time. I can remember in the early days in the late 70s RPG’s were basically the boys only club. The only women that were around the gaming table were the usual somebody’s girlfriend who tagged along.I was fortunate in fat my gaming group had several women at it. Colleen and Misty were excellent players and as far as I know still are. They made the gaming sessions better by their participation.
I’ve run games at conventions where I’ve had as many female gamers as male. So when this whole business of misogyny came up I really was rather surprised. Now I’m not going to say I am totally without sin as were in these matters because there have been times when I think I have behaved badly. However, I would like to think that now I’ve grown out of it. I guess the bottom line is that I’ve grown up and it pains me to see these misogynistic ass hats with their sexism and their death threats surfacing. Perhaps, I’m old-fashioned but I was raised with the idea that you treated other people the way you yourself would want to be treated. I’ve tried to live up to these principles and at times have failed but that doesn’t stop me from keeping on trying.
In conclusion, let me say that all are welcome at my gaming table. My only requirement is that you behave in a civilized manner. Leave your prejudices your attitudes your misogyny at the door and let sit down and have what I hope to be a damn good time.

Have fun! Play games!