A while back, I read an article where a group of people were running a Kickstarter to fund a movie version of a fundamentalist pamphlet called Dark Dungeons. This piece of how to put this politely while I’m not literary crap was spewed forth by a deranged individual named Jack Chick. Chick has made a lifetime career out of bigotry in his own warped Fundy Christian viewpoint Everybody that’s not exactly like him is going to burn in hell he produced these nifty little tracts that managed to excoriate and condemn everybody and everything. There were actually quite funny. As far as I know, he’s still around and still spewing bile.

It was during the moral panics a.k.a. the Satanic panics of the 1980’s that a Virginia housewife named Pat Pulling launched a crusade against role-playing games which she blamed for the suicide of her son. Pulling founded an organization called Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons or BADD for short. She gained a lot of traction in the media. Pulling blamed D&D  for her son’s suicide. She led the charge blaming D&D for everything from seducing teens into Satanism and the Occult to drug addiction. Pulling was a talk show favorite and actually appeared in court as an expert on the Occult.Finally, Mike Stackpole, author, game designer and journalist did a long investigative piece which exposed Pulling’s questionable methodology. FBI Special Agent Kenneth Lanning debunked the whole Satanic Conspiracy in a series of reports and interviews. As the Satanic Panic ran out of steam in the 90s so did BADD. Pulling faded from the public eye and eventually died from cancer in 1997. With her death BADD became defunct. I was an active gamer during that period. Let me tell you it was pretty scary at times. The evangelicals were out in full force and bound and determined to purge America of this dread menace. Thank goodness that reason and sanity prevailed.

Now we have this movie coming out based on that notorious Jack Chick tract. I’m actually looking forward to it. However, there seem to be some folks in the gaming community that are taking it seriously. I’ve actually read comments from people who are worried that it will give Role Playing Games and Gamers in general a bad name. Really, seriously? They’re worried about a frackin’ movie!? With all of the misogyny and racism that’s been publicly discussed…with all of the death threats and rape threats directed at women bloggers who dare question the status quo…with all of this horse crap going and some people are worried about a movie that is a satire? Somebody needs to get hit with a clue by four.

Next time…I think I will explore the whole morality in gaming issue but for now…