I really like this essay. I couldn’t have put it better.

Casting Shadows

For whatever reason, there is a strangely large divide between those who want to talk and write about the different tools and techniques GMs and Players can use in their games, and those who do not. Technique is slightly more acceptable as a topic than the benefit of a capacity for showmanship, meaning it is not a very popular topic at all. Tips and tricks for common problems are all well and good, but an extended conversation about ways to expand your awareness of your game and work toward making it more consistently enjoyable for your group seems to be a problem. When conversation dares to move toward actual theory concerning games, interactions, improvisation, and performance, tempers can flare and the rallying cry of “Just Game!” echoes out and shuts down productive discussion. I wonder if this full-cup response is experienced by sex therapists as often as it is by…

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