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Recently, I wrote a post on the Space: 1889 Facebook page about two Deputy US Marshall’s heading for Mars to assist Wyatt Earp who was the US Marshall for Mars. Another member of the group asked what was their jurisdiction. This made me realize that outside of a small circle of friends, I haven’t really told anyone else. So here is my version of Space: 1889.
1.) The history is mostly the same up until 1870. That’s right, the Confederacy still lost the Civil War although they still exist in the form of a secret group called the Knights of the Broken Sword. Think of them as the Ku Klux Klan with better table manners. The Brazilian Empire is going strong under the guiding hand of Dom Afonso I. He is the oldest son of the former Emperor, Dom Pedro. Dom Pedro has retired and is now one of the Chancellor’s at Sao Paulo University. Brazil and the US are rivals for hemispheric dominance.

2.) On Mars, the Tossian Empire is the largest single political entity. Stable, wealthy, with a large well trained military, the Empire is starting it’s own version of “the Era of the Four Good Caesars”. They do a healthy trade with the US, Brazil, and of late the Kingdom of Ruritania. The only thing that is stopping the Tossians from expanding into the Meridani Sinus region is the threat of the Belgians in the Coprates.

3.) Ruritania exists…Map Ruritania 0001 (1)

…it is a nation of around 10 million people and makes some damn fine beer.

So this is my version of Space: 1889. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.