Thought I’d bring this forward since I’ve already mentioned it.


1100 Ruritania King's or Reigning Queen's Standard

When history wore a rose and diplomacy moved at the speed of a waltz…

So begins the great classic 1937 swashbuckler movie The Prisoner of Zenda. Based on the 1894 novel of the same name by Anthony Hope (Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins) an English barrister turned writer. There were two other books in Hope’s Ruritanian trilogy Rupert of Hentzau and The Heart of Princess Osra. The Hentzau book was a direct sequel to Zenda with Princess Osra filling in some of the background. The first two books were set in the 1870’s while the last one was set in the 1730’s. Hope wrote many other works as well but none were as highly regarded as The Prisoner of Zenda or as famous.
There have been many versions and variations of this classic adventure story. One of my favorites is The Androids of Tara. This variant is an…

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