This past Memorial Day weekend I did something quite remarkable…I submitted a 5,000 word  story to It was the first time that I’ve ever done this. Now, I know that I have been published in the gaming industry but my output was sparse even though it was well received. Eventually, I faded away. The reason was depression.Now I know that you might be thinking “Yet another story of depression.” You don’t have to read it but I have to write it.

Most of my adult life I’ve suffered from it in varying degrees. One of the worst parts of it is that for me it has stifled my creativity. In my case, it has left me with a crippling sense of inferiority. A feeling that I was not good enough…that people were going to make fun of me. I hid in many different ways. One of them was to simply not put out my writing in public. This is why there are such large gaps in my blog entries and videos.

But all that is starting to change. A large part of that change is due to my wonderful wife, Mame Wood. It is her love and support that is bringing me out of the darkness. I hope to post more frequently, write more stories and  make more videos.

It’s going to be a long journey but at least I’m headed in the right direction and I am not alone.

Thank you for reading this.